6 Ways Fear Has You Under Arrest

& How To Get Free

Are you dealing with paralyzing fear in your life? Is God asking something BIG of you, but fear is holding you back?


If so, check out this 2-part teaching called "Seized: 6 Ways Fear Has You Under Arrest & How To Get Free". It's integral that you move past your fears and into your God-given potential. You CAN be free! 


6 Ways Fear Has You Under Arrest: 

  1. Mind

  2. Mouth

  3. Heart

  4. Hands

  5. Feet

  6. Womb


You will learn about the amazing benefits that come with having uncompromising biblical standards in your life. We will examine this concept from the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.


Watch to learn more about our first standard  "HOLINESS". Holiness is simply God-likeness. We are to simply rest in the fact that we are holy because God is Holy, and we belong to Him.


Watch to learn more about our 2nd standard "Purpose: Laying Your Dream On The Altar".

You will learn that...


  1. Discovering and living out God's purpose for your life upgrades you.

  2. Your life is about getting God what HE wants.

  3. There are requirements to walk in God's purpose.

STANDARD #3: "Fight Night: DISCIPLINE vs. Rebellion"

Watch to learn more about our 3rd standard: DISCIPLINE. There are GREAT REWARDS for living a disciplined life that is submitted to the Word of God. 

Your flesh and your spirit are at odds. However, as believers, we are expected to live a life that is disciplined and submitted to the Word of God. With the Holy Spirit as your teammate, the fight is fixed!


More Than Just Talk"

Watch to learn more about our 4th standard: Power. You will learn that the life of every believer should include demonstrations of the power of God, not just talk. Jesus outlined specific signs that should follow every believer.


The Point...Period"

Watch to learn more about our 5th standard: Love. Love is the point of our Christian walk and should be the "why" behind everything we do as believers. We must receive the love of God for ourselves before we can properly extend it to others.

2017...The Year I Quit!

Have you ever felt like God forgot about you? Have you been waiting a long time for a promise God gave you? That’s exactly where I found myself. I reached a point where I was tired of just BELIEVING the promises God made me. I wanted to SEE them. In my video “2017...The Year I Quit!”, I discuss how impatience with God made me take a downward turn and how God saved me from myself. When you receive a word from God, you better be prepared to fight. Watch and let me teach you how to WAR!

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